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Lady Marfa - Domina und Sadistin in Hamburg


Your dreams and Fantasies

It is my wish and ambition to make your dreams and fantasies come true in our session. To develop a satisfactory play I rely on you to characterize accurately your affinity and taboos. Perhaps it eases the access to you, when I tell you first about my likings.


Plays & Practices

CBT/Cock and Ball Torture

With special delight I attend your manhood. First I will tie it tautly. Whether I use my different clamps or I dig my own long finger nails in your delicate, straddled flesh, what lust pain ever you suffer for me, you will be recompensed for with caress.



Also your nipples I like to tease likewise with sweat torture and than to soothe the pain with softness. I will curl and pinch them with my claws, let clamps bite into, squeeze them and cosset them with my fingertips. Every time when you believe, you can´t stand it any more, I will treat them gently, just to deliver you unto pain again. You will experience how your deepest lust arises from your pain.


Needles and Scalpel

A very intense manner of occupating your body is needle play. You may look forward to how the needles one by one first penetrate your skin and then I shove them through under your skin till the needlepoints finally reappear. With a bit of luck we can marvel at a tiny drop of blood on your skin.

If you want it seriously I carve your skin with the edged needlepoint or pester you with my scalpel. But you have to convince me first that it is your true will to carry enduring traces from me on your body.

In a moderated manner I love it to convey these sentiments with my Wartenberg wheel.


Stimulation Current

Probably the best fusion of lust and pain offers the play with stimulation current. Depending on the strength which I inflict on you I give you a delicate prickling, a faint vibration of the sensitive nerves of your erogenous zone or an arousing pain, just to shift back to the lustfull prickling.



Beginning with a soft paddle passing the diverging hard floggers I use the various spanking equipment on you to warm up your skin befittingly and to prepare you to the finale with the cane and the biting horse whip.

I like it to apply uncommon tools to you too for example a straightedge, a brush, a wooden spoon, a waistbelt or what ever we both can imagine, just to see which one conjures the most beautiful reddening on your skin.

Also with my hand I like to beat; with my flat hand on your buttocks and your haunch and slapping in your face. Likewise you are right at me if you wish to experience perfect restrained forceful and targeted punchs.



The play with wax offers many variants. Depending on the heigh of which I drop the molten wax on your flesh an on the portion, that I pour on your sensitized body, you feel blistering heat or only liquid that congeals upon you. Either with my gentle fingers or with ice I will cool the heat and with my fingernails I will scrape it off of your nipples or your cock to prepare your for the next cycle. And in the end I will quench the flame on your body.


Golden Shower

I love it to dispense my champagne either in your mouth or as golden shower over your body and your face. Imagine how it feels when I conduct the golden jet directly on your cock. For example I could open your rubber suit, then pee on your body and afterwards close the suit again over the exquisite juice, ...

Receiving my champagne is a privilege to you, be worthy of it. I also like forcing you to consume this special treat. Be assured I have the means.

When you make an according appointment I will drown you with veritable torrents of the delicious liquid.


Breath Reduction

If you get the special thrill and arousal from fighting for air then you are right with me. Either with my hands, my feet, my trained legs, my athletic arms or my breasts I take you the breath. Thereby I look deeply into your eyes and see your arousal growing while you ask yourself whether and when I will regive you breath and live. At that you can experience moments of your belike greatest dependence and inferiority.


Anal/Strap On

I like it to administer an enema to you and then to occlude it with a proper butt plug until you believe you are bursting. But you will not defecate until I allow it to you. Then you are prepared for my further naughty games. I love to take possession of your anus and to fuck you with my strap on while you lie willingly before me or your are handcuffed to a gynecological chair, or to take you by the scruff of your neck and to push you on my strap on when you stick your trembling flesh towards me. I like it as well to feel my way smoothly and claiming with my finger, the internal massage will drive you as crazy, that you will shove yourself eagerly on my finger. When you are into distension we will step up, probably up to a fisting.



Always with nostalgic feeling I remember the examination games of my childhood - already then I have been a real exploring nature.

Still nowadays I love it to examine a body, with all the knowledge, the meanings and tools of which I dispose today. Widening, probing and sounding a body and to cause lust by exploring his erogenous zone ... Do you deliver your body to me for these purposes?





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