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Lady Marfa - Domina und Sadistin in Hamburg


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If you like smoking women, then you are right with me. I am an enjoying smoker of good cigars, who combines her passion for the nobel smoking goods with her passion for men.


Role Plays

You habe been a bad guy, a lazy schoolboy, an incompetent employee, a cheating husband ... then you may try to prove your earnest contrition to me as your governess, your teacher, your boss or your wife and to regain my friendlyness by spoiling me inventively.



Lend me your face as throne. High upraised I stand above your head with my long legs and high heels. You can hardly await that I slowly begin to alight to you. With pleasure I watch your growing aspiration, when I lower my body slowly to your face until I sit completely on it while I deprive your arms of all possibilities to move with my legs.



A very eclectic practice is spitting. I can award it to you as a meed or as worst humilation. It is also thrilling to admix food and beverages and give them to you this way.



I will stand on you, walk, tap and dance - barefoot or with high heels, according to your choosing. I will ride and knee on you and you are allowed to be my sofa and my throne.










If you want something more

Play with several Ladies

Sometimes ist has to be something more and some fantasy afford the participation of more than one domina. Tell me if such a fantasy is on your mind, I will arrange something corresponding with a matching lady.

Are you thursty to drink a lake of women´s champagne or take a bath therein? I like to call in one or more ladies.

Do you like to experience strict sadism or dominance with me and nevertheless not to abstain from physical intimacy? I can fulfill that by calling in a bizarr lady or a lady´s maid.

It is also possible to play various plays together with a slave either when the slave is above you or you dominate the slave while you are supervised by me.

A very well-rehearsed team I represent with Lady Joy. We complement one each other excellently in the different ways we play in a session.


Long-term sojourn

For your delight in "More" you also may undergo a long time session with me. I can let you await - in the rubber cell, in a cage, public exposed fixed, artfully tied up with bondage, in a puddle of "champaigne", forced into uncomfortable posture, my fantasies are limitless. During the time you are awaiting you may act out in your mind the countless possibilities, what I may have contrived next to torment or indulge you, simply having my amusement with you.

As you only pay for the time I spend with you such a session may be attractiv also financially.



I´m always open-minded about something new so that I also like to get inspired by you spontaneously during our preliminary talk or our session.

But you can recognize by my affinities I am always the directing person in our plays. I´m no maiden or slave or even switching person.


Touching and sexual Intercourse

Maybe I permit you to touch me. But touching my erogenous zones and sexual intercourse definitely do not belong to my form of BDSM, which you will experience with me.



Contact information


For visit in hotel, escort and studio sessions contact

Lady Marfa:

Phone: 0174 - 94 27 207


I play in my own studio

Studio Labyrinth