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Lady Marfa - Domina und Sadistin in Hamburg


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Bondage/Chaning Games

At the St Andrews Cross, the iron lattice, the rack - I love to see you bonded firmly and delivered to me, so that I can allay my craving with you. I am also inventive with fixation to aggravate the tasks, I impose on you, in an mean manner.


Dominance and Superiority

I relish to dominate you with subtle means and I like you to test my superiority. But you should never forget, that you are in my area and I have all potentialities at my disposal, to subdue you and to make you obedient- if neccessary with the help of one of our amazons.



I still like to wear rubber clothes. I like the scent and the noise that it produces, like its fine gloss and how it snuggles. But to me it is just clothing, not the content of a session. Nevertheless I am fund of dressing you up in rubber closer and closer an then to dominate and/or torture you.

Boots and High Heels Worshipping

You like it to admire me on high heels? Either in pumps shoes or in boots you can experience it with me. Suck my high heels, lick my bootleg, kiss the soles of my shoes and rub yourself against my high heels or be curious to relish the rougher practices, which I play on you with my heels.



One of my favorite plays is feminisation - games with transformation between humiliation, enslavement and punblic exhibition. I love it to dress your well-shaped legs with pantihose or nylons and to put on womens clothes and even artificial breasts and an alienating mask. Either when you slip into a woman thus I ignore your cock or you will be the dressed up male whore, whose cock I treat while I take her anal and prepare her for her life as whore, I conceive both plays as very exciting.


Foot Worship

I'm downright proud of my beautiful feet and my long and even toes. Therefore I love it when you admire them adequately, massage and kiss them, lick the sole of my feet and suck my toes.

As well I like to cosset you with my feet by placing them on your face, caress over your body wtih them or stimulate you very directly.


Nylon Fetish

I love real nylon stockings, which I strip carefully on my legs and clip them to the garter belts. I like the typical wrinkles at the heel and in my delicate hollow of the knee. Do you know the erotic-dangerous crinkling, when I rub my legs against each other?


Pantihose Fetish

I like to wear pantihose as well.
Can you imagine the feeling when I coat your face with them? How it feels getting carressed with my hands while they are covered by a pantihose? When you desiderate that my hands in a pantihose at long last converge to your throbbing center?




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