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Lady Marfa - Domina und Sadistin in Hamburg




Height: 170 cm (without High Heels)
Size of Feet: 39 (well-tended with beautiful long and straight toes)


My sadistic, dominant And Fetish Addiction

Sadistic, dominant, Fetish Lady - that´s what I am.

Many years ago, I had my first contact to fetish when I entered a shop for rubber clothes. The scent emanating from the material fascinated me, opened up a new world and never let me go.

In the perphery of the fetish world I soon discovered many different traits from rubber material within myself - my affinity to spoil men with sadistic practices and to dominate them. Over the course of time I refined my affinities and developed my special addiction to subtle-caring dominance and elaborate sadistic practices.

Meanwhile I´m not willing to do without living my addiction in my own special manner. Therefore I allow you to comply with me - if you won´t do it, I will leave no doubt that only submission is your task and your predestination, because you are mine.

You will strive to please me, so that I will be content with you and proud of you. In doing so you will wonder, whether you have succeeded in satisfying me or you have instead aroused my anger which I will consequently turn on you.

Surrender to me as my toy!

As a sadist I love to see you you surrender to my painful care in a resigned way. Your dedication to the pain and alleviation, which you recieve from me, moves me deeply; the moaning, with which you answer to your torments, touches me to the quick.

Each pain I inflict upon you makes me either smile silently or laugh mirthful and you will crave seeing the devil in my eyes that will show you your powerlessness. The tightrope walk between lust and pain will lead you beyond the borders of your will, there where your single wish will be: More and forever!

My calm strictness demands your devotion, my triumph increases your subservience and my sway reflects your hopelessness.


My BDSM and Fetish Profession

I guess there is no need for further explanations that I practice my BDSM and fetish affinites in the context as my profession. This means that your fulfilment and whatever gives you a buzz are the central points; to release yourself during the time we share and let me be the answer to your fantasies.

Thereby you experience me as true and authentic during our session. You must not expect false Uhhhh´s and Ahhhh´s from me, I involve myself with my genuine emotions and disposition. It satisfies me when an emotional relationship develops during our session. The manner in which you embrace the pain that I inflict upon you arouses my sympathy; and your dedicative attendance enhances my loving respect.


The Basis For a Joint Session

When you want to spend time with me, we will first meet as persons and equal partners to determine the framework of your fantasies on which I will build the basis of the session.

I take for granted it is not worth further mention that I observe the safety und hygiene rules.

To achieve a joyful play you have to inform me about health restrictions. Do you suffer from diabetes, rheumatism, allergies, heart or circulation problems, hemorrhoids, spasm seizures, asthma, do you have knee, shoulder or other joint problems?

Also, I need to know if you wish to bear traces after the session, and if so, to what extent.




PS: Weblog

PS: If you want to find out something more about me and my studio, you might like to visit the weblog that I run. It is nothing world shaking, but you can take part in my every day life a little bit, if you like.



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For sessions in hotel, party escorting and studio sessions contact

Lady Marfa:

Phone: +49 (0)174 - 94 27 207


I play in my own studio

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