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Lady Marfa - Domina und Sadistin in Hamburg


Clues for Neophytes

Here I want to communicate some sentences to people who are new and so far inexperienced to the world of BDSM and bizarre lust.


Act out your fantasies

Perhaps you belong to those who fostered fantasies and affinities in private but now wish to experience them real. Perhaps you belong to those who are unsure what they have to expect in a BDSM studio generally and with me as Lady specially.

SM studio - a lieu of lust

You must not imagine a BDSM studio as a dangerous, inhospitable torture chamber but as a lieu where your fantasies can become real and you can act out your secret affinities.

Preliminary talk

When you visit me we assemble first for a detailed talk as equal partners. Then you are not the slave but a free being. You describe what you wish to experience and what are your limits and taboos, or even which limits you want to exceed with my help. We will figure it out together. Solely then I am able to handle them regardfull and cautious.

You always remain at the helm and can interrupt or terminate the talk and even the session, if this would be neccessary to you.

I will take you by the hand and accompany you in this new world.

Something in conclusion

I always observe the rules concerning safety and hygiene. Feel affirmed that it is as important to me being the soul of discretion as being sure of your discretion.



Contact information


For visit in hotel, escort and studio sessions contact

Lady Marfa:

Phone: 0174 - 94 27 207


I play in my own studio

Studio Labyrinth